in faith.

believr is where LGBTQ+ Christians come to find meaningful connections, dates, and life partners.

LGBTQ+ dating app for Christians

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LGBTQ+ Christian dating app

believr. is a modern dating app for a community that celebrates what makes relationships special and expresses a basic human truth: we all want to be connected and loved, regardless of our background or preferences.

Christian LBGTQ+ Community

An LGBTQ+ Christian dating community.

Find connections, dates, and a life partner where your faith and sexuality meet in a space of inclusion and diversity. We've created this app specifically for you.

Value based matching

Value-based matching.

Form a lasting relationship by uncovering your personal values, using our Stanford inspired evaluation. believr will then match you with people who share those values.

Privacy and security

Control your experience.

How you get matched and what personal information is available to others is in your control. Regardless of your journey, our primary concern is for you to feel safe and secure.

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